Judo Club – Temporarily closed due to COVID-19

Update – 8th September 2020

It has been so lovely to welcome students back to school for this new term and to get back to a new normal.

You may already know that last year we were able to officially open St. Crispin’s Judo Club after a successful funding bid with Sport England. From October 2019 we welcomed more than 100 judoka, most of which were new to judo, into after-school clubs and evening classes. We will continue to bring affordable judo to St. Crispin’s school, The Circle Trust and the wider Wokingham community.

St. Crispin’s school has always been about developing the whole student and giving them the best opportunities, and St. Crispin’s Judo Club is no different in this respect. Last year we were able to support two of our sixth form students in completing their level 1 Judo Coaching qualification, as well as host a ‘First Steps into Coaching’ course led by a national development officer at the British Judo Association.

Of course, the last few months have been challenging for us all, and sadly judo as a sport is not yet able to return following the stoppage of all sports during the COVID-19 lockdown. The British Judo Association has been working with the UK government to prepare a multi-phase return to judo, guidance for which can be found here. We are currently in Phase 1 which allows no contact and has lots of restrictions in terms of mat space, cleaning and other routines. As a club we will return once Phase 3 has been achieved (page 7 of the linked document) as this will allow us to train in the fundamental skills of judo and have contact between partners.

Unfortunately, there is no time frame for the phases of return as it is dependent on the national picture and advice from the UK government but we would hope that a return following the Christmas break will be feasible. An update will be provided once we are able to reopen the doors and start training.

Should you have any questions please email judo@crispins.co.uk.

Mr Sean Hatton

Head of Year 9 and Head Judo Coach