This June we were successful in applying for funds from SportEngland and the National Lottery group to buy equipment for a new Judo Club. This funding will allow us to run extracurricular clubs for all St. Crispin’s students and staff of The Circle Trust with no training fees and allows us to buy all equipment necessary.

Judo is an Olympic sport first developed by Jigoro Kano in Japan in the 1880s as a physical, mental and moral pedagogy.

It is a tremendous and dynamic combat sport that demands both physical prowess and great mental discipline. From a standing position, it involves techniques that allow you to lift and throw your opponents onto their backs. On the ground, it includes techniques that allow you to pin your opponents down to the ground, control them and apply various chokeholds or joint locks until submission.

As well as the techniques included in the Judo Kodokan, students will learn how to control their feelings, emotions and impulses. They learn about values of perseverance, respect, loyalty and discipline. Judo students develop an outstanding work ethic, as well as important social manners and etiquette. They learn to overcome their fears and to show courage under pressure. Through competition and the rigors of daily practice, they learn about justice and fairness.

Through their experience, they learn about politeness, modesty and many other wonderful values that contribute to their development as successful citizens of society. As such, judo facilitates the development of important moral knowledge and values.

We will look to begin classes in September for our students, with evening classes starting for others in the community soon after, so if you are interested in taking part yourself then watch this space!

Please look out for a letter in September with all the information you will need for your child to take part in this tremendous opportunity.

Mr Sean Hatton, Head of Year 7


Training times (subject to change)

‘Juniors’ (Yrs 7&8) – Wednesday 3.20-4.20

‘Cadets’ (Yrs 9-11) – Thursday 3.20-4.20

‘Seniors’ (6th Form and staff) – Thursday 4.20-5.20


Judo Club for non St. Crispin’s students

Following the successful launch of St Crispin’s Judo Club with our students we are now ready to open the Dojo to the wider Wokingham community!

So if you fancy trying out an Olympic martial art, improving your fitness, meeting new people and having great fun, then come and join us at St Crispin’s school on Wednesday evenings beginning 6th November.

Training times:

Juniors (8-13 years) – 6.30-7.30

Seniors (14+ years) – 7.30-8.30

£4 per session

Email for more info


As an Approved Provider with the British Judo Association we are able to offer Pathway Memberships for our Junior and Cadet members.

To sign up please enter your details at this link:

A fee of £10 per year is payable to St Crispin’s Judo Club for Pathway Memberships. This is payable via Tucasi or by cheque made payable to ‘The Circle Trust.’


For more information about Judo – please click here




Judo Club Letter

Judo Club Welcome Pack

Important Information

How to Join as a Member

Types of Membership

Creating a Family Membership

Required Kit

Players & Parents Code of Conduct

Coaches Code of Conduct

Judo Club – Temporary Closure