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British Values at St. Crispin’s

Information for Parents

British Values at St. Crispin's

Making decisions together

  • We have an influence in what happens through Student Council
  • We contribute to questionnaires and influence change in our school.

Individual Liberty
Freedom for all

  • We make our own choices and understand the rewards for OR consequences of our own actions.

The Rule of Law
Understanding why rules are important

  • We develop fair rules for our classroom through our Rights and Responsibilities to develop order
  • We understand that these Rights and Responsibilities are developed to support and prepare us for the world of work (attendance, punctuality and dress code).

Mutual Respect
Treat others as you would want to be treated

  • We work together to help one another
  • We respect each other’s physical space
  • We respect each other’s contributions to discussion
  • We take on group roles to support the learning of our peers.

Tolerance and Respect of Opinions and Diversity
We enjoy learning about different faiths and cultures

  • We listen carefully to other people’s point of view
  • We learn about transitions, customs and religious practices and how they strengthen the community/society we live in
  • We discuss how diversity makes us what we are today.