St. Crispin’s English Department takes pride in delivering a diverse curriculum, engaging the students and allowing them to become creative, independent learners.

Although this subject can be quite daunting for some students, English is and can be fun! Within the curriculum we offer the students the opportunity to look at media, poetry, creative writing, novels and dramas. There are endless opportunities to develop the author within.


We also assess Speaking and Listening, which is a fundamental part of the GCSE course. Speaking and Listening activities will feature in all the schemes of work that your child will study to ensure that they become confident in different situations where they are required to make an oral contribution.


We also highlight the importance of listening. We sometimes forget the importance of listening to each other, even as adults, so we ensure that within the classroom there is a mutual respect for all students.



Mrs L Darke (Head of Department) –
Mrs C Collett (Maternity leave)
Mrs K Sharma (Assistant Headteacher)
Mrs A Taylor
Mr M Beavis (Leader in English)
Mrs E Delves
Miss N Handyside (Leader in English)
Mrs A Harvey (2nd in English, Head of Year 7)
Mrs J Carman (Intervention Assistant)
Miss M Amir
Miss L Welch