Year 7 Vision

‘Students to become proud members of St. Crispin’s School and to thrive and flourish in a safe learning community’

May I extend a warm welcome to all parents, guardians and students of Year 7.  We understand that starting at a new school can be very daunting for students and parents.  We hope that this page will support children and parents alike, providing you with a point of contact and some useful information.

We envisage that all students will become proud members of St. Crispin’s school, wear their uniform with pride and become involved with extra-curricular activities that we have to offer.  We aspire to make the transition from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 3 as smooth as possible, offering continued support along the way.

Head of Year 7:  Mrs M Walters (on Maternity Leave)   

Assistant Head of Year:  Mrs A Harvey (Acting Head of Year 7) 

SLT Link: Mr R Blyth


Tutor room Tutor group Tutor
E4 7AHY Mrs A Harvey
E6 7NLI Mr N Lilley
10 7MSA Miss M Salter
A1 7TRO Miss T Rolph
L2 7FMA Mrs F Martin
S1 7NMG Miss N McGroarty
M6 7CTL Mrs C Tunstill


Curriculum information – Year 7


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