Covid-19- please note:  We are endeavouring to maintain our careers programme through utilising online platforms and virtual experiences as much as possible, and we are looking at more exciting ways for students to develop their understanding of the workplace, some of the scheduled careers events may be subject to change but we will aim to run them in some capacity.



At St. Crispin’s, we recognise that being “work ready” is just as important as the qualifications you hold.  Students will be given opportunities to develop and hone their employability skills through a range of events and activities; some internally delivered but others which involve our local advisors/trustees as well as local employers.

Our careers provision at St. Crispin’s is based on the Gatsby Benchmarks as recommended in the DfE’s Careers Strategy (December 2017) and the Statutory Guidance for Careers (January 2018).

School is the place where all students, whatever their family background, can get unbiased information, advice and guidance on the whole range of career pathways.”

Sir John Holman 2018
Gatsby Foundation

To download the St. Crispin’s Student Career Pack – please click here

In line with these Benchmarks, St. Crispin’s supports students as follows:

  • Assemblies led by local employers, former students and career experts
  • Two Year 10 Careers Days
  • Attendance at local Careers Fayre
  • Year 10 Aspirations Day
  • Year 10 Living in the wider world
  • Year 10 Work Experience
  • Year 12/ 13 Work Experience offered
  • Year 9 Options Evening
  • Year 7-11 Tutor Programme
  • A Dedicated Careers Library
  • Career insight talks – All Year 10 students will receive at least one face to face session with a qualified ADVIZA Careers Advisor
  • Support with employability skills
  • Mock interviews
  • Impartial information on Post 16 and Post 18 career options.

All students in Year 10 will write a CV which local employees will read and feedback on.  Our advice to students to make your personal statement/ CV stand out is to ensure that they have studied around their subjects.  They are directed to the free online course at FutureLearn where they can access from hundreds of free online courses from top universities and specialist organisations.

There is a huge range of careers advice and information available and it can be difficult to distinguish between what is most useful or not.  The following links to the right are recommended as a starting point for further reading.

Sixth Form students are guided closely for university application or vocational opportunities.

Our careers programme is regularly reviewed to ensure that students are given the right guidance and support in an ever changing society as well as changes in statutory guidance.  This programme is currently under review. (July 2021)

The careers programme, are evaluated both by the Deputy Headteacher and Careers Lead, using teacher and student feedback.

The ADVIZA service in school is monitored and measured using questionnaires and at annual review meetings.

The impact of careers events and activities is measured using student and parent/carer feedback. Results are shared and published as appropriate.

The careers programme is assessed using the Compass Careers Benchmark Tool.

For the 2020/21 academic year, the programme was planned as follows:

Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

  • Science Club / Robotics Club
  • Parental access to online careers evening, held by Investin, in partnership with Wellington College
Careers Focus Day:

  • Introduction to soft employability skills and improving self-confidence
  • Students introduced to how their online presence can affect their career
  • Students will have the opportunity to interview real life local employers and learn about the local job market
Year 8 visit Big Bang Fayre:

  • Opportunity to explore STEM careers and meet STEM employers
Fast Tomato

  • Online Career planning platform ‘Fast Tomato’ – this allows them to match strengths and interests to careers
    • Access to NHS and HSBC virtual work experience
    • Presentation to students from university lecturers about the use of studying a language
Key Stage 4 Options Evening


Maths Challenge

  • All students participate in a Maths day with Ringwood which allows them to understand employability skills and different careers

  • Careers advice offered –       1-2-1 for all Year 10 students

Bright Futures

  • Employability and Team work soft skills focus day
CV Tutor Time

  • CV writing workshops delivered by tutors
Young Enterprise

CV and Employability workshop and focus day:

  • Students draft CV
  • Students learn basic application process for jobs
  • Students experience a job interview

Wokingham Federation Career’s Fair

  • Students to meet local business for advice and information
Key Stage 5 Options Evening Adviza

  • Follow up appointments offered by Adviza upon request
Taster Sessions

  • Post 16 taster classes available in all subject areas
Personal Statement Workshop

  • In the Spring students take part in a Personal Statement workshop delivered by University of Surrey

Apprenticeship Talks

  • These are lead by local / national / mulit-national companies (National Grid / Microsoft / HP Enterprise) and outline some of the types of apprenticeship programmes available
Independent Learning Conference

  • Students provided morning’s conference on independent learning skills. This will help support the transition from school to further education

  • Work experience available to all students upon request
UCAS Tutor Workshops

  • Throughout the application period – UCAST talks and   1-2-1 help provided by tutors


  • Work experience available to all students upon request


St. Crispin’s holds the leaving destinations for all Year 11 and 13 students.  Leaving interviews take place with students in Year 11 (if not continuing to the schools Sixth Form) and Year 13 if not known to be continuing to university.  This allows us to ensure students are not at risk of NEET< evaluate the experience of students in terms of their career education and put intervention in place if and when required.

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For the 2021/22 academic year, the Work Related Learning Coordinator is Mrs Kylie Pinsent who can be contacted on 0118 978 1144 or