We would like to extend a very warm welcome to all Year 6 students that have received their formal offer of a place at St. Crispin’s in September.  I am sure you are as excited as we are to you joining.

Please do not think we are ignoring you – as you are hopefully aware, the school will not receive the names of our new “Crispinites” for a little while yet and then the real fun begins!

So, whilst you are waiting for further contact, I just wanted to share with you some upcoming dates for your diary:-


Transition Information for Parents
Induction Snapshots


New Year 6 students will be with us for one day in June. The specific date can be found in the letter which was emailed to you.   The induction day will run from 8.55am until 2.30pm.  Further details can be found in the Transition Pack above.


Information for Parents


Towards the end of June we will be releasing a series of videos that will provide all the important information you need to know for starting at St. Crispin’s.


School Visits


Once I have the list of students who will be joining us, I shall be in contact with ALL primaries (if you are relocating from Australia, the Head will be booking my flights shortly – stick the BBQ on!) to see your children virtually or in person.  For obvious reasons, most of these will take place after the SATS at the start of May and will be conducted by myself or a member of the Year 7 leadership team.  During this time together, we will talk through the transition during the summer term, what can be expected in September and answering all those questions they have.


Summer School


You may have heard the Head and I talk of the Summer School that ran for this years Year 7 at Wellington College.  I am delighted to confirm that following its huge success, we shall be returning this year with the event taking place on Thursday 25th August 2022 – full details can be found in the Transition Pack above.