Dear Parents/Carers,

Re. Reforming and Improving Homework

Earlier this year we conducted a review of the latest research into good practice in homework.  The research suggests that, rather than a fixed time or schedule, homework is most effective when its purpose is clear, it is closely tied to consolidating or extending students’ learning in lessons and when it feeds into the next stages of their learning.

We are therefore refreshing our approach to homework with an emphasis on setting work outside of lessons with a clear purpose and that either extends, consolidates or assesses learning in class, or feeds into the learning of the next lesson.  As part of this refresh, work set outside of lessons will now be called Personal Study.  Students were consulted last term and the name change was one that most, by far, voted for.  We have explained to students the thinking behind our refreshed approach in assemblies this term and what it means for them in terms of how Personal Study will be set.  They should expect a variety of tasks some of which will be marked, and some of which will feed into their next leaning.  In the second half of this term, we will review the change to Personal Study with students via the student council.

We believe that Personal Study should be purposeful, relevant and accessible. Teachers will give students clear guidelines on how long they should spend on a personal task and they will have at least 48 hours between setting of the task and the due date to avoid feeling overburdened.

As a school we value parental feedback and have therefore arranged an email address where you are able to leave comments about the change to Personal Study and to ask questions where required. If you have any comments please email – and we will endeavour to respond as soon as possible.

We will look forward to receiving your feedback.

Kind regards


Sue Pearson

Deputy Head Teacher