Stretch and Challenge provision for MFL

If you want to consolidate or extend your learning below are some suggestions of useful material to help you stretch and challenge yourself (they are also useful when it comes to revision for your End of Unit Tests!)

DODDLE Website

  • Login to Doddle and then access your personal login
  • Login: firstname surname year of entry (e.g. andrewsmith17)
  • Select the year group and the topic area on the left hand side, then work through the presentations, vocab tests and quizzes

Extra Reading / Listening

  • Listen to songs in the target language on YouTube
  • Watch a film in the target language with English subtitles
  • Read a book/magazine in the target language

There are a range of target language books, magazines, newspapers and DVDs available for students to borrow in L1.  Simply borrow whichever material you would like to use and return it when you have finished (and take another!)