If you want to consolidate or extend your learning below are some suggestions of useful material to help you stretch and challenge yourself (they are also useful when it comes to revision!)

My Maths Booster packs

  • Login to My Maths and then access your personal login
  • Select revision and assessment in the drop down box and work through the appropriate booster pack (see suggestions below)


Year 7 Pack Year 8 Pack Year 9 Pack
X1 Yr 7 transition X1 KS3: Five boosters X1 GCSE Booster Grades 4 and 5
X2 Yr 7 transition X2 KS3: Four boosters X2 KS3: Six boosters
X3 Times table booster X3 KS3: Three boosters X3 KS3: Five boosters
Y1 Yr 7 transition Y1 KS3: Five boosters X4 KS3: Four boosters
Y2 Yr 7 transition Y2 KS3: Four boosters Y1 GCSE Booster Grades 4 and 5
Y3 Yr 7 transition Y3 KS3: Four boosters Y2 KS3: Six boosters
Y4 Times table booster Y4 Times table booster Y3 KS3: Five boosters
Y4 KS3: Four boosters


Kerboodle online textbook

  • Login to and login to your account
  • Go to the textbook used by your class
  • Finish the questions set in class and mark your answers
  • Go through the linked MyMaths lessons for the topic you are studying and them try the homework task