Key Stage 3

Being a good computer scientist is underpinned by an ability to think logically and solve problems. If you would like to develop in this area please use the “Maths is Fun” website which has innumerable challenges and logic puzzles for you to grapple with.  Try to remember to reflect on what you find easy and what you find difficult. If you overcome some logical problems take a moment to think about exactly how you did it.

If you would like to jump straight into some extra coding (who wouldn’t!?) then please create an account with Code Academy. There are plenty of tutorials in different programming languages that give you a great introduction to the world of computer science


Key Stage 4

In order to help you prepare for the exams you may benefit from extra practice questions and reading. Please follow the below links for multiple choice questions, exam questions and academic articles. If you’ve completed some questions and need the answers, please speak to your teacher.

Exam Questions

Multiple Choice Quizes

Academic Articles

If you would like to stretch yourself as a programmer please create an account with Hackerrank. It is a website that has numerous programming challenges on it that are geared towards developing professional skills as a programmer. You could even get a job out of it!