‘Be The Whole Package’ Programme

In today’s world, universities and employers look for students who have developed independent learning skills and who are able to think beyond the confines of their main subject area. We therefore encourage our students to participate in the wealth of enrichment activities we offer at St. Crispin’s.

‘Be The Whole Package’ Programme

This bespoke programme, unique to our Sixth Form, is designed to enrich students’ learning outside of the classroom. Students complete a range of tasks and activities followed by a reflection activity resulting in a portfolio of evidence of transferable skills which allow them to stand out to potential universities and employers. The programme encompasses:    

Community Enrichment Opportunities

Within school, Sixth Formers support younger students in the classroom, act as sports

Y12 Party for Local Pensioners

coaches or work with laboratory technicians. Students have also played a role outside school in local care homes, as hospital DJs and as animal rescue centre workers. Through these opportunities, students add a great deal to the school community and at the same time gain knowledge and skills to support their career aspirations.


Students are provided with the means to access Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). These courses are provided by universities and can be accessed over the Internet. The list of topics covered is endless ranging from ‘England in the Time of King Richard III’ to ‘The Science of Nuclear Energy’, and allows students to explore interests not covered in their courses.

Wider Reading

Reading for general interest and for pleasure is essential for learning about the world we live in as well as developing learning skills. Students are encouraged to devote time to wider reading and to engage with the texts through discussion and evaluation.

The Extended Project Qualification

Students may also opt to take the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), an accredited qualification in which they can undertake a research task on a topic of their choice and extend their abilities beyond their subjects. The EPQ carries UCAS points and is favoured by universities for the independent study skills and enthusiasm for learning that it evidences. 

Leadership opportunities include:

Head Team 2021-2022

  • Leadership of the school council
  • Senior Prefect
  • Peer mentoring
  • Eco committee: organising recycling and debating other green Issues around the school
  • Charity committee: organising school charity events and fundraising
  • Social committee: organising social events
  • Inter-Form Enterprise Challenge 

Cultural opportunities include:

World Expedition Experience 

World Expedition Experience – Kenya

Our Sixth Formers also have the opportunity to go on the expedition we run to unusual locations around the world. This offers a once in a lifetime opportunity for students to challenge themselves emotionally and physically, whilst experiencing amazing cultures and environments.  Pupils develop a wide range of skills, including leadership, problem solving, budget management and organisation under the expert guidance of both school staff and the professionals provided by Wilderness Expertise.

Previous expeditions, typically lasting between 3-4 weeks, have gone to Peru, Nepal and most recently Kenya.  During the first weeks the students trek through the stunning scenery of the country and work on a local project.  The expedition gives them the opportunity to get to know the culture well, work with local communities and finishes with a period of relaxation in the last week.

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