Science Club is held by Dr Sonnex every Tuesday lunchtimes in S3 for pupils in Years 7 and 8.

See below to see the types of activities that you can take part in during Science Club.

We have been working towards a CREST award. Everyone has been experimenting with different ways of powering rockets and will use the best ideas to design their rocket for the CREST award! Our Year 9 helpers who got their awards in Year 7 and 8 have been giving out lots of advice


This week we were tricking our senses by plunging our hands from freezing water into warm and also by making some ‘reverse ears’! They may look funny but they work!



Everyone’s CREST project cars are really coming along now. Luke was the first person to get the car moving by itself and Stella gave us all a demonstration of the rocket that she made last year for her Bronze CREST award!

Today we were continuing our CREST award projects. We did have a small mishap with some polystyrene and so Harry came up with a solution to make the classroom dustpan and brush easier to use!

We are starting to make cars for the CREST awards. Everyone has their own aim for the project – everything from cars that protect eggs to cars that can travel on land and water! Here is a picture of Luke with the base of his car!















This week we looked at how friction could slow down a balloon travelling along a string. We used our knowledge to make the fastest balloon rockets that we could and raced them!

Click here to watch the video.



Over the past two weeks we have been exploring air particles. The students used their knowledge to build balloon powered cars (to varying levels of success – some needed a little extra persuasion in order to move). Best prize goes to Daniel and Will whose car won the race and went almost all the way down the hall!

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19th Jan 16


















In this session pupils were using chromatography to make patterns using felt tips! They also raced different colours to see which ones travelled fastest.

During this session pupils looked at snow crystals that they had started growing the previous week. They also dropped their egg parachutes (aka eggstronauts) from the top of the Science block stairs! Most survived the first drop but many eggstronauts unfortunately perished in the second drop!

Pupils were also treated to a viewing of the launch of the International Space Station Crew.


The school uniform has been under attack again! Did it survive a week in strong acid? Actually, yes!! It was absolutely fine!

We also made fireworks in a glass and made parachutes to save our eggs! All in a lunchtime’s work at Science Club!



During this session pupils discovered that a strip of St. Crispin’s uniform could hold 6000g and found out what happened to it after 790 strokes of sand paper!

How indestructible was the St. Crispin’s School blazer?