A Level Chemistry is well suited to enquiring minds and those students who like to challenge themselves. The course builds significantly on the content acquired at GCSE and demands the development of skills from all the sciences, such as using analytical techniques to obtain scientific data, using mathematical skills to interpret and analyse data and recalling various chemical methods and reaction conditions to understand how to create synthetic routes.
Learning Chemistry means learning how to be objective and how to reason and solve problems. It helps students to understand current events, including news about petroleum, pollution, the environment and technological advances.

Course Content

During the first year students will learn about: the detailed structure of the atom, why chemicals react in the way they do, how to quantify energy changes that take place during reactions, the principles of organic chemistry and how to perform several types of chemical analysis.
The second year will see students study: physical and energetic chemistry, the chemistry behind fuel cells, the chemistry of transition elements and further organic chemistry and analysis.
Students will also complete a practical endorsement over the duration of the course, assessing their development and competency in various chemistry practical techniques studied as part of the A Level course.

Future Opportunities

For students who have always wanted to study medicine, whether human or veterinary, then chemistry is an essential area of study required by all major universities. Chemistry opens up a whole range of careers including, but not limited to, dentistry, pharmacy and chemical engineering. However, even if looking for a job in another field, the analytical skills gained through the study of chemistry will make students attractive candidates to employers in areas such as accountancy and law.

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A Level Chemistry A H432 specification

AS & A Level Chemistry A & B Practical Skills Handbook

Sample paper for Periodic table, elements and physical chemistry

Sample paper for Synthesis and analytic techniques

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