The Science Department is well resourced with a brand new science block of 9 labs, 2 prep-rooms and a lecture theatre.

Science is a subject that stimulates and excites people’s curiosity about phenomena and events in the world around them. It also satisfies this curiosity with knowledge. Science links direct practical experience with ideas. Scientific method is about developing and evaluating explanations through experimental evidence and modelling. This encourages critical and creative thought.

It is intended that through their lessons in Science pupils will:

  • Become actively involved in their own learning;
  • Enjoy learning about Science and find interest, challenge and fulfillment;
  • Achieve the highest level of success commensurate with their age, ability and aspirations;
  • Develop an increased awareness of the relevance and significance of Science in today’s world and of its social, economic and environmental applications and implications;
  • Be encouraged to become scientifically literate members of society by improving their knowledge and understanding of Science;
  • Become equipped for adult life by developing scientific skills such as curiosity, objectivity and perseverance, and by exposure to scientific processes such as observing, criticising and evaluating information.

Good use is made at all Key Stages of the departments dedicated ICT lab and greater use of data logging to enhance the practical nature of Science is being developed with our new status of Maths and Computing College.

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Mr D Rose (Head of Department)

Mrs R Wilkes (2nd in Department)

Mr S Hatton

Ms G Hearn

Mr L Wormstone

Mr T Bate

Mr J Wheatcroft

Mrs N Winmill

Dr E Sonnex

Mr J Davidson

Mrs L Perry

Ms N McGroarty