Through a broad and balanced curriculum, St. Crispin’s aims for students to develop into resilient and curious learners, to be confident and communicative with others and to be reflective individuals, so that they can successfully enter the world of work.

The curriculum at St. Crispin’s is based on the National Curriculum including personal, social, health and citizenship education and careers, work related learning and enterprise education, as well as religious education.  St. Crispin’s is an inclusive school, and we adeptly cater for the full ability range.  The curriculum provides a range of opportunities where the most able students can excel and achieve if they wish entry to the most prestigious universities in the country, alongside students undertaking a variety of courses to reach their potential in the work of work.

St. Crispin’s School provides a rigorous and challenging curriculum through lessons in school and enhanced by a vibrant set of enrichment activities beyond the classroom. St. Crispin’s has a strong tradition of educational visits and engaging visitors to the school, which provide students with memorable learning experiences.

We aim for our curriculum to be well suited for our students to enter the local jobs market. Berkshire has a diverse economy but has some of the highest concentration of information technology, finance and retail jobs in the country. From the Thames Valley Berkshire Local Enterprise Partnership, the most valued skills for a student to have that suits these roles are communication, planning, organisation and to have a grasp of the detail.

The curriculum is broad and balanced catering for students of all abilities and helping them to acquire knowledge and develop skills to a high standard and preparing them for adult life as citizens, employees and parents/carers.

Through a supportive environment, the school is concerned not only to develop the academic aspect of each student to reach their potential, but also to encourage students to be well rounded. The school will encourage the development of good personal relationships, social responsibility and citizenship both through the curriculum and through the ethos of the school.

In Year 7 to 9 students are assessed through ‘steps’ based on Reformed GCSE criteria, which are sub divided; at Key Stage Four students are assessed through GCSE grades (9 to 1) and Technical Awards (Distinction* to Pass); at Post 16 students are assessed through A Level grades (A* to E) and Technical Awards (Distinction* to Pass).

A student’s lessons are organised over a fortnight with a different week A and week B timetable. There are five one hour lessons per day (25 per week).

During the course of the year we will send out three reports to parents/carers, one report per term.  These reports will contain the current attainment and end of year targets for each subject.  Scores are also given for attitude to learning, motivation and organisation, behaviour for learning and quality of classwork and homework.

  If you would like more information about the curriculum followed at St. Crispin’s, please contact Mr Hinchliff, Senior Deputy Head at