Full uniform is required for September.  Advice has been refreshed and now says that uniforms do not need to be cleaned any more frequently or with a different method than usual.

Essential equipment

The water fountains for obvious reasons need to remain switched off and there are very strict classroom protocols relating to the sharing and use of resources so it is important that your son/daughter bring into school each day:

  • Filled water bottle
  • Equipment – pencil case and calculator
  • Disposable tissues
  • A silent reading book (required from the first day of term and every day for Years 7 – 9)

Personal hand sanitisers are not required but are permissible – there is plenty of provision of sinks and additional hand washing facilities but your son or daughter may prefer the convenience and ease of their own sanitiser.


Each year group will eat separately in specific zoned areas of the school.   All year groups have access to our catering provision via different outlets and all food is prepared and sold under safe Covid conditions.  Quality of our catering remains a highlight for students!

Purchasing of food is done via the student contactless card.  Money can be uploaded on line (please click here). Again, for obvious reason we can no longer accept cash sent into school.

Visiting the school site

As a preventative measure I continue to minimise anyone visiting the school site and this regretfully extends to parents.   It feels awful not to be welcoming in this way and so my apologies for asking that you only attend the school site by appointment and only if necessary.