What clubs do you run?

We run a wide range of clubs at St. Crispin’s which are of both a competitive and recreational nature.  Our aim is to run a club, at some point during the school year, for all of the activities that are part of our normal PE curriculum. These include football, rugby union, basketball, netball, athletics, badminton, hockey, cross country, cricket, tennis, trampolining and rounders. Where possible these clubs will be run for boys and girls.

What time do they run?

We run clubs after school Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. They take place from 3.00pm until 4.00pm.

Is there a cost?

 The vast majority of clubs are run by the PE staff and are therefore free. We may have to pay for an external coach on some occasions, such as with tennis, when a cost will be attached to that activity. We would always write to parents to let them know.

What should my child wear?

The students should wear their normal PE kit.

Do you do compete in fixtures against other school?

 We play fixtures against other schools in the majority of the sports mentioned above. These usually take place during ‘seasons’ throughout the year, for example, boys football will take place after Christmas and run up until Easter. We usually run clubs for these sports when the ‘season’ is taking place. We also try and run enough teams so that students who attend the club get the opportunity to represent the school (A, B & C teams).

Due to the current situation we have no plans to have fixtures with other schools until after Christmas. 

How do you communicate about clubs, fixtures and team selections?

Parents are sent a Sports Bulletin every Friday which contains details of all upcoming fixtures, clubs and previous results. We advertise teams on the school notice board.

What are you away fixture procedures?

We will always take students to away fixtures in the school mini-bus. The approximate return time will be published in the Sports Bulletin. We ask students to call parents on the way home from fixtures to confirm an approximate arrival time.

Can I come and watch?

Parental support is usually very welcome however, when we return to fixtures a decision will have to be made regarding the attendance of parents given the current situation.