Music Technology involves much practical work and encourages the cultivation of a wide range of musical skills. This is the course for students who want to create their own contemporary music, learn to record in a band and learn the tricks of mixing.

In the course, students sequence using MIDI and VSTs, record live instruments, produce multitrack recordings and compose using music technology. They also develop an understanding of the technical processes and principles that underpin effective use of music technology and show this through the coursework portfolios and exams.

Entry requirements

GCSE Music grade B or above and grade 4 standard (ABRSM or equivalent) or above in their first instrument/voice. Students who have not studied Music at GCSE level will need to present examples of their work such as composition, recording or sequencing that have recently been undertaken.

Course Content

The Music Technology A level is divided into four components: Recording, Technology-based composition, Listening and Analysing, and Producing and Analysing. Within the Recording component, students will use production tools and techniques to capture, edit, process and mix an audio recording, while component two will see them create, edit, manipulate and structure sounds to produce a technology-based composition.

Music Tech is an exciting and varied course that utilises many of the practical musical skills learned and developed throughout GCSE music.

Future Opportunities

This is a challenging A-Level course which prepares students well for university level study. It may lead to a career as a producer, recording engineer or sound technician or, perhaps in combination with Music A-Level, performer, composer, recording musician, conductor or music therapist.

Student Profiles

Tobias Williams

As well as being Deputy Head Boy, Toby has a strong interest in composition using Music Technology. Toby learnt piano, sung bass in Chamber Choir and studied GCSE Music prior to starting the Music Technology course. Alongside entering remix competitions and creating his own music he also has some experience of live sound engineering having worked on the sound for Hairspray in 2014.

Please click below to listen to his trance remix of Patience (a piece of AS coursework).


Alfie Harris

Coming to the course as an able guitarist and inquisitive musician, Alfie has picked up Music Technology enthusiastically and quickly. Alfie especially enjoys recording and below you can hear his AS recording of Don’t sit down ‘cause I moved your chair. Whilst the Music Tech course only assesses the skill of the recording (not the performances themselves), it is notable that Alfie performed all the parts himself except the drums. Alfie is looking to go on to study Music at ACM.