In the modern age, communications are becoming faster and every day the average person is bombarded with millions of different images. It is important to be able to read and make sense of those images. The media we are consuming has a significant impact on our values and culture. It shapes how we understand our world, influences our understanding of self and shapes our societies ideologies. Our students will explore questions and debates such as:

  • How does stereotyping effect the representation of women in the media?
  • How does the media change our behaviour?
  • What are the benefits and risks of social media?
  • Is the media responsible for eradicating ‘fake news’?
  • To what extent should the media be regulated?
  • How is modern technology effecting the production of media products?
  • How is globalisation effecting the media we consume?
  • What role will traditional media such as print play in the age of social media?

The A Level involves a developed understanding of media theory and pupils will explore ideas such as the hypodermic needle theory, narrative theory, binary opposition, reception theory and gender theory.

Media studies is also about appreciating the skill and creativity that goes into the production of media texts. We encourage our students to explore creating their own media products and as such, they will have the opportunity to take part in practical lessons throughout their study. This culminates in the production of their own cross-media production in Year 13.

We currently follow the AQA A-Level Media Studies course (7572)


Course Outline:

Year 12

An introduction to Media Studies and Theory

Teaching of the AQA specified Close Study Products (These change annually)


Year 13

Complete Teaching of the AQA specified Close Study Products

Coursework Production




Mrs A Harvey (Teacher in charge of media and Acting Head of Year 8)

Mrs K Sharma (Assistant Headteacher)

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