The use and impact of the Year 7 Catch-Up Premium 2015-16

In September 2015, 23 students were eligible for the catch up premium with an allocation for these pupils of 11,500.

As in previous years, we are using the Year 7 Catch-Up Premium to provide support in literacy and/or numeracy as appropriate for the individual pupils, with a view to improvement in these areas supporting learning across the whole curriculum.   All eligible pupils either receive small group or 1:1 teaching to enable them to benefit from extra individual attention or extra support in mainstream lessons with LSAs and/or intervention.

Specific support in English

16 students started in September 2015 with a level 3 or below in English. Of those, 9 were supported in TEAM, our dedicated small teaching class for our less able students, 3 were given individual weekly 1:1 with our literacy/dyslexia specialist and the other 4, on the basis of school assessments at the start of year 7, worked in main stream lessons but with the support of LSAs for reading and writing.


  • 2/3 of the class came to TEAM having not attained a level on their KS2 English SATs paper.
  • All of these pupils have made progress this year with only 2 out of the 6 still working at level 2.
  • One of the pupils who did not attain a level in their KS2 SATs is now working at a 1c (old level 4c) and has excelled in their reading and writing.
  • Of the 3 students who came to TEAM with a KS2 level, all have made at least 1 sub level of progress.

Literacy Intervention

  • 3 students receive individual literacy tuition with a qualified specialist teacher
  • 1:1 tuition continues for one hour a week throughout the academic year
  • Progress is evaluated through standardised testing
  • Weekly reading mentor on a 1:1 basis

End of Year Evaluation

  • Students felt more confident about reading
  • Students met or exceeded their expected progress in reading comprehension
  • All are now within the band for the average reading level for their specific age.


Specific support in mathematics

There were 20 pupils who entered year 7 with a level 3 or below. 10 were taught in TEAM and 10 were placed in the small mainstream maths sets. On the basis of an initial assessment of ability at the start of year 7, 9 were placed in the two lowest sets and the other in set 3. The two lowest sets had 12 and 9 students in the class in total. In these two sets students also had the support of LSAs in lessons and where appropriate support from one of the two maths Intervention Assistants.

In addition, students identified as weak in numeracy are also Peer Tutored during registration by a selected group of Yr 9 Maths leaders. (Of these, one was a student who came in with KS2 Maths at a level 3 or below).

Progress made at the end of Year 7

All made at least one 1 sublevel of progress in year 7 and 7 made 2 sub-levels on progress.


  • All pupils in TEAM for Maths have made either 1 or 2 sublevels of progress.
  • One pupil who did not score on their KS2 SATs, and was teacher assessed at St. Crispin’s as a level 1, is now working at a secure level 2.