We are the Federation Committee, charied by Joesph Whittaker, Deputy Head Boy. The overall aim of the committee is working on Wokingham wide projects with school’s across the Wokingham area. Projects we have been involved in include;

Youth MP Implementing the Youth MP programme in the Wokingham area. We are one of the few areas in the UK not represented by a Youth MP. Over the last 6 months we have worked on bringing this service back and helping young people in the area get involved in national debates. Our committee organised advertising for applicants to apply for the role of Youth MP from St. Crispin’s School. They had to write a letter of application, which was reviewed by the Federation Committee. The selected pupils then attended a husting where the student council of St. Crispin’s voted on who they wanted to go forward and stand against others from the Wokingham area. The final elections took place in the Wokingham Council Chambers.

This year Charlotte Stokes from St. Crispin’s was voted in as Wokingham’s Youth MP.

Youth Café – Pupil’s within the Student Council support the idea for developing a Youth Café in Wokingham and want to be involved in every aspect of the planning and implementation of the project. This will be the next project.