English Language and Literature is the ideal course for students who enjoy reading in a wide range of texts, including both fiction and non-fiction. The specification integrates literary and linguistic fields exploring how ‘words create worlds’ both in literature and elsewhere. Students are able to develop their subject expertise by engaging creatively and critically with a variety of texts. Using linguistic concepts and methods, students analyse literary and non-literary texts in range of modes and genres. Students also develop skills as producers and interpreters of language by creating texts themselves and critically reflecting on their own process of production.

Course Content

Over the two years, students will prepare for two externally assessed examinations and a coursework essay. The key areas of learning include the representation of place, point of view and genre prose, the forms and functions of poetic voice, the role of the individual in society, conflict in drama and creative transformations of texts.

Future Opportunities

English Language and Literature offers a breadth of study that will support a variety of different career paths such as teaching, journalism, publishing, arts administration, thea­tre, advertising, manufacturing and finance. Students can go on to study either English Language or English Literature at university as separate degree courses or continue to study the subjects in combination.