Businesses are at the heart of the economy and this course is an ideal foundation for students to gain a theoretical background reinforced with practical skills that can be transferred into the workplace.

This course offers two years to investigate the world of business through an exam-free vocational qualification that is designed to offer a work-focused alternative to A Levels. Students will have the opportunity to demonstrate and develop the practical application of knowledge and understanding in various areas of work and to develop research skills both independently and as a group. The two year course is equivalent to an A Level.

Course Content

Year One

  • The business environment – understanding the different types of business and how they are influenced by the wider environment
  • Business resources – developing an understanding of managing core resources available to businesses, including human, physical, technological and financial business teams

Year Two

  • Marketing – the role of market research and how it contributes to market planning and the marketing mix
  • Business accounting – creating some of the most common financial accounting methods, including ratios to determine business performance

Future Opportunities

The course will help to provide students with investigative and problem solving skills that can be applied to most areas of further education and employment. Subject specific career paths include: law, banking, accountancy, finance, marketing, management, human resources and any area of business operations.

Financial services is a leading sector in the UK and a Level 3 qualification in Business gives students a strong foothold in this growing industry.

Past speakers include:

Lousie Nolder  (Advertising expert) who sits on the board of London’s biggest advertising agency (AMV BBDO) recently came in to talk to the students about the role of advertising.  She set them a task whereby they had to suggest a strategy that Carex could use to encourage people to wash their hands more frequently.

Click on the below image to view the students’ final presentation.