BTEC Applied Science is a subject for those who have a keen interest in Science, but wish to study in a more applied, vocational way rather than following the traditional route. This course allows the development of a whole host of skills such as real-world practical skills, organisational skills and those needed to develop and present large projects.
The field of Science is constantly developing, with new technologies such as DNA sequencing becoming more prevalent, nanomaterials being used to make amazing new materials and the human race searching further into space. Science is on the rise and is getting more media coverage each week. This is a great opportunity to get involved in this exciting time for the industry.

Course Content

The new course is split into four units: three compulsory and one optional.
Unit 1: Principles and applications of Science – This covers fundamental concepts in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, delivered in a vocational context.
Unit 2: Practical scientific procedures – This focuses on analytical procedures used by scientists in real world.
Unit 3: Science investigation skills which focuses on the skills that all scientists need such as planning and analysing investigations

A further coursework-based unit will be studied in year 2 of the course, to be chosen from 9 possible units, including Human Physiology, Organic Chemistry and Astronomy.

Future Opportunities

This level 3 BTEC National carries UCAS points as a traditional A-Level subject would, and so is a viable alternative for students wishing to pursue further studies in science. This can include nursing, criminology, environmental science, psychology, sport and exercise science, forensic science and engineering.
Alternatively, those who complete the course may choose to follow other pathways, whether they be apprenticeships or using their skills in the workplace.