GCSE Design and Technology

Design Technology GCSE, (Product Design) Pearson/ Edexcel 1DT0

Mark breakdown:

50% Exam (Core + chosen area)

50% Controlled Assessment


All will share a common ‘core’. These core areas will be tested in a written paper at the end of the course.

The core theory includes:

  • The impact of new technologies
  • Enterprise
  • Production
  • Sustainability
  • Smart materials
  • Mechanical devices
  • Efficiency
  • Electronic systems
  • Woods
  • Metals and materials
  • Challenges that influence designs
  • Famous designers
  • Designs, isometric drawing, perspective etc.
  • Maths—calculating areas, forces and measurements


Alongside ‘core’ you choose an area of specialism.  There will be a written paper to test your specific knowledge of your chosen area.


Controlled Assessment:

All students will produce a design portfolio and a prototype.

The briefs are externally set, but offer a wide range of starting points for students to research and develop.

The project will follow a iterative design process of:

  • Investigate
  • Design
  • Make
  • Evaluate


Year 10

You will focus on developing your skills, knowledge and understanding of Systems, modern and traditional materials and CAD/CAM.

You will complete a number of practical activities all based around electronics, designing and making circuits such as amplifiers, 555 timers and op amp circuits.

In addition you will complete a mini project to gain an understand of the main contextual challenge which you will complete in Year 11. We will also use both the CRUMBLE and Micro-bit boards to develop programming skills.

The impact of technology on society and our role as responsible designers is also covered in Year 10.


Year 11

In Year 11 you will work on your contextual challenge which will give you the freedom to take design risks and develop and make a product of your choice that conforms to given contextual guidelines.

Although you do not have to base you design around systems and electronics, this is the option choice that you will be doing in your exam and our specialist area.

Your final exam externally-examined paper – 50% will take place at the end of Year 11.

Your coursework (Non-examined assessment NEA) Coursework – 50% will undertaken during Year 11.


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