An Introduction to Year 6 Parents/Carers from Mr Blyth, Assistant Headteacher

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Year 6 to Year 7 transition part of our school website. On this page I would like to provide an overview of what you as parents and students can expect from our team during this very important stage of your school/parental life.

For all parents and students who are looking at joining our school, we are holding our Open Evening on Monday 24th September 2018 between 7 & 9pm. This will give families the opportunity to tour the school and see some of the fantastic work that goes on. Similarly we would then like to invite you to our Open Mornings where you can see St. Crispin’s ‘in action’ during a normal school day followed by a ‘no question is too silly’ Q and A with the Headteacher and me in our Lecture Theatre. Open Morning dates are detailed under ‘About the School/Admissions’.

If you would like to attend one of our Open Mornings, please telephone the school office on 01189 781144.

In April, I receive a list of those students who have opted to join us in September. It is always my principle for myself, or a member of my team, to visit every individual student that will join us. Most important to us are the students who will be coming on their own and who do not know anyone. Although I believe this is a great principle, not all agree and I was sorry to be refused travel expenses to visit the student joining us from Adelaide in 2012! Unperturbed however, I turned to Skype to ensure the ‘friendly face’ was seen. For those joining the school in September 2015, we had 34 schools to visit, 17 of which were students who were coming on their own.

During May and June we hold Vulnerable Pupil afternoons. Vulnerable in this sense does not mean a student with Special Educational Needs or behaviour concerns. It is any student who may be anxious or lack confidence in the move to secondary education. In 2015, 68 students came to us and I am proud of the work our team does with these boys and girls to prepare them for life in September. Students are nominated by primary schools for these sessions.

In the 4th week of June, we hold our induction days. Each student will come to us for 2 days and we split the week between the schools so half of our intake come on Monday and Tuesday, the other half Wednesday and Thursday. This gives the opportunity for all the students to experience what life is like at St. Crispin’s. We ensure that the experience as close as possible to the real running of the school, although we do allow Year 6 to have a slightly earlier lunch so they can get more time to choose from our range of food available from “The Restaurant.” On the Thursday evening, we invite all new parents to a Year 6 Welcome evening where I will introduce the Headteacher, the Head of Year, who will take the students through to Year 11, and provide you with key information to ensure we all have a good start in September.

After the students have attended the induction days, we do not lose contact until September. We still remember what it was like, some of us longer ago than others, moving to ‘big school’ and do not expect all worries to have been washed away by our programme. Therefore during July, my team and I are on standby, ready to be called on at any time to speak with worried parents or an anxious child. I have gone back to many schools to revisit children where needed in the past (although still couldn’t visit Australia, as much as I told the Head that the student was terrified about starting Secondary School!)
This is only a brief overview of what takes place during the transition year but should you have any questions (remember there is no such thing as a silly question), please do not hesitate to contact me on or ringing the school office on 01189 781144.
I look forward to meeting many of you soon.

Railton Blyth
Assistant Headteacher

To view the Induction Booklet for Year 7 students please click here