Remarkable Reading Challenge

  • Every day students will be sent a link to a reading of a novel.
  • We will be reading the full novel to you over the course of the coming weeks.
  • The link will be sent to you daily at 5 pm via email and will also be shared for your parents/carers on the school Twitter account – click here
  • There will be a different novel for each year group 7 through to 10.
  • Once you have completed your reading, you need to complete a short online quiz, which will earn you points towards a tutor group treat.
  • Please note it will not be necessary for you to purchase the book, as you will be able to read along on screen.

Links for Year 7 – click here

Links for Year 8 – click here

Links for Year 9 – click here

Links for Year 10 – click here

Year 6-7 Induction Booklet – please click here
Office As a student of the school, you are able to install the full Office suite of software on to your desktop and mobile devices. Click on the image to the left for instructions
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Home Access Plus+

The way to access your School Network User Area and the Temporary area from Home. Easily transfer your files from school to home and back again

Student resources are available from the link to the School VLE
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Cameras in school

Students who study GCSE or A-Level photography are allowed to use their own cameras. Cameras should be delivered to the Photography Department at the beginning of the school day where they are stored safely under the school’s care. All cameras should be collected from secure storage before 3 p.m. We regret that we cannot take liability for cameras on the way to or from school.