platoThis diverse and intellectually challenging A Level will provide students with the opportunity to investigate and analyse a range of philosophical, ethical and religious issues. The philosophy element of the course introduces students to a range of philosophical questions such as: How can we explain the nature and extent of suffering in the world? Do we have a soul? Is there life after death? The ethics module explores a range of ethical theories and their practical application to contemporary issues such as euthanasia and the ethics of business.

Course Content

Year 12

The first year provides students with a foundation in philosophical and ethical thinking. In the philosophy section of the course students will study Ancient Greek philosophy (Plato and Aristotle), philosophical arguments for the existence of God, the problem of evil and questions surrounding the nature of body and soul. In Ethics students will study utilitarianism, natural law and Kantian ethics, and apply these theories to euthanasia and business ethics. In the ‘Development in Religious Thought’ paper students will examine philosophical and ethical concepts that underpin Christianity; they will consider how Christians believe they can have knowledge of God, Christian beliefs about life after death and the key moral principles of Christianity.

Year 13

The second year builds on the content and skills acquired in Year 12. In the philosophy section of the course students will study the role and nature of religious language and philosophical problems concerning the nature of God. In Ethics students will explore topics including Meta-Ethics, the conscience and sexual ethics. Students will also explore concepts such as gender and society, the challenge of secularism and Marx.

Future Opportunities

The study of Philosophy and Ethics equips students with a variety of skills that are essential for many disciplines at degree level. These skills include: essay writing, forming and analysis of arguments and critical evaluation. Our students go on to study a range of subjects at university including Philosophy, English, History, Law and Psychology.

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