GCSE Religious Education

All students will study the OCR full course is J621. Religious Studies B: Philosophy and Applied Ethics

Year 10

In Year 10 students continue their study of the GCSE Religious Studies course. In the Autumn Term students study ‘Religion and Human Relationships’. This module explores ethical questions surrounding; marriage, divorce, sex, contraception and the roles of men and women. During the Spring Term, Year 10 students study ‘Religion and Medical Ethics’. This module sensitively explores moral issues surrounding; abortion, fertility treatments, cloning, euthanasia and suicide. This module also includes discussions about use of animals in medical research. In the Summer Term students complete a module called ‘The End of Life’. This topic explores ultimate questions such as; Is there life after death? How should Biblical imagery or Heaven and Hell be understood? And, what is the purpose of a funeral?
Students consider these philosophical and ethical issues from their own perspectives as well as considering a religious approach.
OCR GCSE Religious Studies B: Philosophy and Applied Ethics:

Year 11

In Year 11 students continue to study, and sit, their GCSE Religious Studies. Students study the following topics: ‘Belief about Deity’ and ‘Good and Evil’. The Belief about Deity’ module explores philosophical questions concerning; the nature of God, reasons for belief in God, and God’s possible intervention in the world. The Good and Evil module examines topics such as: the nature and origin of evil and suffering, religious responses to evil in the world and ways of coping with suffering. In the Summer Term, lessons follow a revision programme to prepare students for the public exams.
OCR GCSE Religious Studies B: Philosophy and Applied Ethics:

 The units of study are:

Unit B601 Philosophy   –  Belief about Deity , End of Life

Unit B602 Philosophy 2 – Good and Evil, Religion and Science

Unit B603 Ethics 1   – Human Relationships, Medical Ethics

Unit B604 Ethics 2 – Religion and Equality, Religion Peace and Justice

There are X4 one hour exams each worth 25% and there is no course work element.

All exams are sat at the end of Year 11.


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