GCSE Religious Education




Overview GCSE Religious Studies is now an options subject at St. Crispin’s. The Religious Studies Department follows the OCR GCSE Religious Studies Full Course (J625).  The aim of the course is to explore a range of philosophical and ethical issues as well as providing students with a detailed knowledge and understanding of two major world religions. The course will encourage students to adopt an enquiring, critical and reflective approach to the study of religion and will allow students to begin to consider and develop their own personal responses towards philosophical and ethical questions. Students will also gain valuable skills in constructing well-balanced and well-informed arguments.

Students are expected to play an active part in lessons, engaging with class discussions and debates. Both within and outside of lessons, students will be expected to engage with and complete a range of practice exam questions to develop perfect exam technique ahead of the exams.

Topics Covered Students will study a range of philosophical and ethical issues including: arguments for and against belief in God, concepts surrounding life after death, human relationships and war and punishment. Students will also study the beliefs, teachings and practises of two religions: Christianity and Islam.

Students will begin to consider and form their own personal opinions towards these topics as well as considering a religious perspective.


Assessment The GCSE Religious Studies will be examined through three written exams in the summer of Year 11:

  • Christianity: Beliefs and Teachings and Practices – 1 hour – 25%
  • Islam: Beliefs and Teachings and Practices – 1 hour – 25%
  • Religion, Philosophy and Ethics in the modern world – 2 hours – 50%

The exams will consist of both small knowledge based questions and extended essay style questions.  There is no coursework element for   this GCSE course.


Autumn Term 1 Autumn Term 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1

Summer 2

Year 10

GCSE Option

5 hours a fortnight.

Christian Teachings Families and Relationships Christian Practices



Religion, Peace and Conflict

(PPE Revision)

PPE First 2 weeks


Islam Beliefs

Islam practices
Year 11

5 hours a fortnight.


Dialogues The existence of God


PPE Revision

Revision Revision Revision