PSHCE coordinator is Mrs N Winmill –

PSHCE concerns the development of a range of skills, concepts and knowledge that will be relevant to students throughout their lives. It enables young people to develop an awareness of themselves and their relationship with others as they assume adult roles in the world of education, employment, family and home.  The PSHCE program is delivered once a week during tutor time. Each half term students are given a different focus ranging from finances, health, anti-bullying, stress management, study skills and British values as well as keeping up with the news with a weekly current affairs discussion activity.  Each year group follows an age appropriate course that is overseen by the Head of Year and Head of PSHCE.

PSHCE is also delivered via Character Education Workshops by a combination of specialist outside agencies and St. Crispin’s staff providing high quality, targeted sessions.  Where possible the school also offers standalone talks by outside agencies to highlight a particular issue or need that has arisen.  These sessions, targeted mainly towards the lower school, enable us to deliver key topics that require specialist attention to a high standard.  Outside agencies ensure students gain a greater insight into the topic and also gain contacts with outside agencies if they need to discuss the issues further.

We currently run the following workshops for students;

Year 7 – Personal Safety Day.  Students are taught about the dangers and risks around them and how to reduce and minimise their impact.  The session is run with the assistance of local charities, the Wokingham council, fire department and police force.

Year 7 – Self Esteem Day.  In this session students are given a toolkit to boost their self-esteem and learn how to cope with disappointment.  A theatre group and local charity help convey this message.

Year 7 – Learning Disability Awareness.  Students are given the opportunity to hear testimonies from those with learning disabilities which raises their awareness and helps with a greater understanding.

Year 8 – Emotional Wellbeing.  Students are given strategies to help them to become more resilient to the challenges ahead of them.  They are encouraged to think positively.

Year 8 – Drugs Awareness. Students are informed of the dangers of drugs and alcohol and equipped with skills to challenge and avoid being drawn in to substances later on in life.  The presentation, called ‘Into the Unknown’ and presented by a local charity, is also presented to parents prior to the day so that parents are up to date with terminology and can become more informed.

Year 9 – Sex and Relationship Education.  In this Focus day, students learn factual information about reproductive health and are given the chance to consider the emotional and wellbeing aspects of the topic.  Students discuss the qualities of healthy relationships, look at creating a positive body image and learn about contraception and protection from STI’s. Health professionals from Bracknell council help provide the education in a safe environment where students can ask questions.

Year 10 – Enterprise Experience – Students are given two sessions over the course of the year where they learn about the world of business and how to present themselves and write a CV.