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At Key Stage 3 students receive a broad and balanced curriculum covering a wide range of individual & teams sports. It is our aim that all students are able to succeed in PE through learning the fundamentals in activities that are relevant to them. Students are assessed in 6 different ability areas which we believe enable all students to make progress and achieve in the subject. They are:

Reformed GCSE


Physical Cognitive Creative




·         Perform a wide variety of skills in pressure situations

·         Demonstrate use of advanced skills in competitive situations

·         Link a range of advanced skills to produce highly effective performances

·         Complete the above in a wide range of activities

·         Level of performance hardly (if ever) breaks down.

·         Analyse the quality of performance

·         Solve complex problems

·         Use anticipation and awareness of others performance’s to succeed in game situations

·         Evaluate and prioritise leaning and actions

·         Cope with multiple information or adapting information and stimuli

·         Constantly seek to refine skills

·         Invent and experiment with different idea’s

·         Demonstrate improvisation and originality

·         Respond creatively to changing game/competitive situations

·         Choreograph for yourself and others





·         Link actions & skills together so that they flow

·         Effectively transfer skills & movements across sports

·         Use combinations of skills effectively in more challenging/competitive situations

·         Perform aesthetic movements with good body tension

·         Perform longer sequences with clear shapes & controlled movement

·         Evaluate own & others S & W making sound judgements

·         Use spatial awareness effectively in competitive situations

·         Understand why decisions are good/bad and explain next steps

·         Recognise & apply appropriate tactics to outwit opponents

·         Begin to read and react to different games situations

·         Make improvements by adapt and adjusting performance

·         Respond imaginatively to tasks, finding a range of solutions

·         Demonstrate disguise to outwit opponents

·         Develop short sequences, expressing own idea’s

·         Reflect rhythm and mood in creative  performances





·         Link at least 2 skills together

·         Demonstrate accuracy in passing/sending

·         Perform a range of basic skills with control and consistency

·         Perform sequences with change of level, direction  & speed

·         Perform short sequences with control

·         Find space effectively in games

·         Employ basic tactics & strategies

·         Understand & follow rules

·         Name things you are good at

·         Explain why you are doing things

·         Make up own simple conditioned games with rules & idea’s

·         Select & link skills in Defence & Attack


·         Observe and copy others

·         Describe performances & recognising similarities and differences

·         Explore new skills and idea’s to develop performance


Year 7

In Year 7 students are introduced to our areas of assessment and the skills needed to make progress in Physical Education though a broad and balanced curriculum. They will experience playing in a range of sporting activities and situations that will enable them to acquire and develop the practical skills needed to participate in physical activity at a competitive or recreational level. Our extensive extra-curricular programme supports this though providing opportunities for students to further their experiences outside of the classroom.

Students will also experience the importance of team work and how they can best support their peers in lessons so that they feel valued and learn how to make a positive contribution in other ways, not just through practical ability.

All students in Year 7 receive 2 hours of PE per week.

Year 8

Again students experience a broad and balanced curriculum in Year 8 as they develop their tactical and compositional knowledge within a range of sports and activities. They will begin to undertake the role of coach and official to give them a more rounded understanding of Physical Education and the skills required to be successful in these areas.

All students in Year 8 receive 2 hours of PE per week.

Year 9

As students move into Year 9 they are introduced to sports pathways. This involves the students having some choice in the activities that they learn through and they broadly follow either a team/competitive pathway, team/individual recreational pathway or a health and fitness pathway.

Students who are thinking of taking the subject at examination level are also introduced to the assessment outcomes and content of these lessons to help best prepare them for the choices they will make at Key Stage 4.

All students in Year 9 receive 2 hours of PE per week.


Students begin Year 7 in mixed ability sets however, as they progress through the years we stream line the sets depending upon student’s levels of progress and their own sporting interests or needs. Our Key Stage 3 and 4 model is below:

7 Breadth and balance of core activities and school team sports
8 Breadth and balance with more complex sport for more able
9 High Level Performance Group (GSCE)


Team games and competition Group Wellbeing/health and fitness group

(low level comp)

11 Choice of activities