Welcome back to Year 11

Exam Contingency Day 26th June 2019

Operating Theatre Live – 1st November 2018

Product Design trip to London Zoo 9th October 2018

Berlin Visit information evening – 3rd October

Auralia Musition software

Year 11 Parents’ Evening – 18th October 2018

Geography film night Wednesday 26th September

Business V Cert exams – 1st/2nd October

GCSE Piano accompaniment

Bridge 11 college trips – October 2018

Wellington Langauges Day – Wednesday 31st October

Year 11 Autumn reports

Macbeth English trip – 11th January 2019

Sixth Form Open Evening – Thursday 1st November

Reading FC Taster Session – 13th November 2018

Frantic Assembly Drama workshop – 6th November

Year 11 Pre Public exams

Trip to see Waitress the musical – 12th February

Photography Tripto V & A Museum 6th February

GCSE Athletics assessment

Art students trip to Tate Modern 26th February

Business VCERT resit

Wilderness Guatemala trip

Information document for the Wilderness trip

GCSE History trip to Whitechapel March 2019

Learning Support trip to Macbeth – 9th February

GCSE Success and Attendance

Year 11 reports January 2019

GCSE PE Climbing letter – February 2019

National Reference Test – 28th February 2019

Year 11 Leavers Hoodie

Drama Studio Showcase

Noughts & Crosses theatre trip -12th March

Guatemala 2020 Wilderness Expertise Fundraising Seminar – 26th March

Geography sessions during well being

Year 11 Prom – 4th July 2019

Geography Fieldwork workshop – 25th April

MFL apps

Year 11 Spring reports 2019

Year 11 Study Leave Arrangements

Exam Results Day – August 2019

BTEC Sport retake exam – 14th June