Welcome to Year 10

Normandy trip June 2017

Year 10, 12 & 13 Photography trip to Kew Gardens – 13th October

Enterprise Day – Thursday 13th October

Art students trip to the Tate Britain – 3rd November

FA Refereeing Course update

School portraits – September 2016

Double Science revision resources

Triple Science Revision Resources

GCSE Drama set text ‘Noughts & Crosses’

German Exchange Parents’ meeting – 16th November

Tracking reports November 2016

GCSE History film viewing ‘A Self Made Hero’

Kenya Wilderness Trip 2018

Kenya Wilderness presentation to parents – 1st December

Wilderness Expertise fundraising opportunities

ECDL exam 16th January

Digital Safeguarding assembly – 25th January

GCSE History trip to Berlin October 2017

Cancer Awareness Talk – 6th February 2017

Research project University College of London 10SPR

GCSE Geography Residential Trip to Slapton Ley July 2017

Drama theatre trip – The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time

Years 10 and 11 PPE Exams in Maths and English

German Exchange Documents Information Evening – 9th March

German DBS application instructions

Year 10 Spring Tracking Reports

Year 10 Revision for Science PPEs

Revision – Biology 1

Revision – Biology 2

Revision – Biology flash cards

Revision – Chemistry 1

Revision – Chemistry 2

Revision – Chemistry flash cards

Revision – Physics 1

Revision – Physics 2

Revision – Physics flash cards

Accessing photography files remotely

German Exchange trip to Portsmouth – 9th June

Year 10 Music Evening -Tuesday 23rd May

Year 10 Enterprise Day Tuesday 4th July

Geography GCSE Field trips – Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4th July

Berlin trip – second letter

Computer Science visit – 19th June

Normandy trip parents’ meeting on 6th June

Additional Computer Science Bletchley Park trip – 12th September

Slapton Ley GCSE Geography trip

Year 10 May Reports

Science magazines subscription

German Exchange Thank you letter

Geography data collection in Wokingham

ECDL – Change of status