With practical music-making that students enjoy very much at the forefront in our lessons, we seek to support development of key skills and independence in each student as a musician. As well as the focus on practical music, we also value listening and appraising skills in pursuit of holistic musical development. As such, we aim to inspire interest and enthusiasm in our approach, as well as a willingness to explore new musical ideas and styles from all pupils learning in the Music department.

The Music department also provides opportunities for students to explore Music Technology. We have two music suites, with computers connected to music keyboards via midi. All computers are equipped with Musescore and Sibelius music notation software programmes, while sequencing software Cubase is installed in a number of our machines.

Instrumental/Vocal Tuition – We are able to offer a wide range of instrumental tuition, primarily through visiting teachers from Berkshire Maestros. Students learn violin, viola, piano, guitar, drums, woodwind and brass instruments. Singing lessons are also available, catering to both contemporary and more traditional tastes.

Extracurricular – We offer an exciting range of extra-curricular activities at St Crispin’s. These include Chamber Orchestra, Chamber Choir, Music Tech Club, Lower School Orchestra, Pop Choir, Wind Ensemble and Jazz Club. Please see the published timetable for details of which clubs are currently running, as the schedule is subject to termly changes. Irrespective of their extracurricular involvement, students are invited to perform in school concerts, as well as the Whole School Production which takes place at the end of the Summer term each year.

Autumn Music club timetable for Autumn 2018 – coming soon

Autumn Music club timetbale for Autumn 2018 – coming soon



Mr N Wolstencroft (Head of Department) – wolstencroftn@crispins.co.uk
Mrs J Bond
Mr J Hudson