Why Study a Foreign Language?

Knowledge of a foreign language can widen a person’s horizons and provide them with many new opportunities. For those who have a passion for communication and an interest in learning about other cultures, then the further study of French/German/Spanish is a must. Whether students intend to use a foreign language for work, study or leisure, this course will equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to become proficient linguists.

Entry Requirements

GCSE French/German/Spanish at grade 6 or above.

Course Content

These courses are being offered as an AS course at the end of which students will take an AS exam in either French, German or Spanish.

During the AS course students will study information and vocabulary on 2 topics:

  1. Social Development in France/Germany/Spanish
  2. Political & Artistic Culture in French/German/Spanish speaking countries

For the AS exam students will also study a French/German/Spanish film, which will not only help to develop their skills in understanding the language but also broaden their knowledge of the history and culture about which they are learning. For their AS oral exam students will respond to and talk about two written texts and then discuss one of a range of themes from Topic 2 such as music, the media, modern technology, customs and traditions.

At the end of the course students will take 3 exams:

Paper 1: Listening, Reading & Translation

Paper 2: Written Response to Works & Translation

Paper 3: Speaking

Future Opportunities

Some students choose to take a degree in languages, others choose to pursue a different subject but choose a language option alongside it. Having a language at AS or A Level will certainly improve a student’s employability, in particular with international companies.

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