Why Study a Foreign Language?

Knowledge of a foreign language can widen a person’s horizons and provide them with many new opportunities. For those who have a passion for communication and an interest in learning about other cultures, then the further study of French or German is a must. Whether students intend to use a foreign language for work, study or leisure, this course will equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to become proficient linguists.

Course Content

During the 2 year course students will study information and vocabulary on 4 topics:
1. Social Development in France/Germany
2. Political & Artistic Culture in French/German speaking countries
3. Immigration & the French/German Multicultural Society
4. The role of the Resistance in France/Reunification of Germany
In the first year students will also study a French/German film and in the second year a work of French/German literature. For their oral exam at the end of the second year students will choose their own topic to research relating to the social or cultural context of French/German speaking countries.
At the end of the course students will take 3 exams:
Paper 1: Listening, Reading & Translation
Paper 2: Written Response to Works & Translation
Paper 3: Speaking
Future Opportunities

Some students choose to take a degree in languages, others choose to pursue a different subject but choose a language option alongside it. Having a language at AS or A level will certainly improve a student’s employability, in particular with international companies.

If you aren’t sure whether to choose a language as one of your AS/A2 courses or not, then have a look at these websites to find out why you really should and how being able to speak a foreign language can help you in your future career:

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