Mrs A Wo Kai Song (Head of Department)

Mrs E Jackson

Mrs R Angel

Mrs S Hudson

Mr D Collis (Acting 2nd in Department)

Mrs F Martin


From the beginning of Year 7 all students study a foreign language, either French or Spanish, through to the end of Year 9. We encourage all students to continue with a Modern Foreign Language at GCSE, and many chose to do so.

The emphasis at Key Stage 3 is very much for students to gain an appreciation of a different language and culture, and on the skills needed to learn any new language.  From the beginning they are encouraged to use the foreign language, building up from simple phrases so that they become confident in using and speaking a different language.  Half of the year group, those on the X side,  learn Spanish and the other half, Y side of the year group,  learn French. Students are set in either subject in the January of Year 7 and for those in set 1, will have the opportunity to study German as a second language in Years 8 and 9. If there are particular circumstances that lead to one language being potentially more suitable for a student, then of course we will consider this on an individual basis. Unfortunately, are unable to make guarantees that we would be able to accommodate such requests.  If you would like for special consideration to be had, please email Mr Blyth directly on blythr@crispins.co.uk by the 1st June 2020.  Following this date, the tutor groups for the September 2020 Year 7 intake will have been created so any movements are extremely restricted.





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