computer science_ks5Welcome to A level Computer Science

Computer Science is a massively expanding area in modern day life; without being aware you could be using hundreds of computers a day. A-Level Computer Science teaches you the fundamentals of Computer Science as well as developing your programming and problem solving skills.

Course Content
Year 12
There will be a mixture of both the programming and theoretical aspects of the course. On a more practical side the topics range from the fundamentals of programming, problem solving and algorithms. The theory covers topics including: binary, hardware and software, networking and computer architecture.
Year 13
There are three aspects to Year 13 Computer Science, these being programming, theory, and a computing based project. Both programming and theory will build on the knowledge gained in Year 12 and introduce some new topics such as data structures and databases. A big focus of the year is the computing project, which can be the development of a piece of software, such as a computer game or dynamic website, or an investigation into a theory of computation, such as data feed of Twitter or the development of 3D worlds.
Future Opportunities

This course is a great fit if you are thinking of studying Computer Science or Engineering at university, and would also be relevant in you are considering Mathematics or Physics.