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St. Crispin’s School is an E-confident school where:

  • ICT is integral to everyday teaching and learning for the whole school community
  • ICT contributes to raising standards of achievement across the curriculum
  • The ICT infrastructure is reliable, secure, sustainable and offers anytime, anywhere access for all
  • Appropriate technical and administration support is provided at all times
  • Our expertise in ICT is put to good effect in developing the ICT literacy of our feeder schools and members of the local community
  • Senior leaders and governors share a clear understanding, vision and strategy for the development of ICT.

Teachers who are:

  • Confident and competent users of ICT
  • Able to use ICT to  facilitate learning in an increasingly flexible fashion
  • Able to evaluate the impact of their use of ICT on teaching and learning
  • Able to use ICT to collaborate, share resources and share good practice
  • Able to use ICT to enrich the learning experience and to promote and support personalised, interdependent  and independent learning.

 Learners who are:

  • Motivated to use ICT and can decide when and when not to use it
  • Confident, capable, collaborative and creative users of ICT
  • Information literate and know how to use the internet safely
  • Well prepared to use the technologies in the workplace and society of the 21st Century.


Mr L Ryall

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