A Level History

So by this stage, you clearly love History as much as we do, so not only are you making the sensible decision to take it for A Level, but are considering the possibility of making the best decision ever and studying it at university. But before you get there, have a browse of our course content and fall in love with the past just one more time!

A Level History is a challenging and fascinating course.  You will study four modules, based on British and European History ranging from the 15th to 20th century.

Two teachers and a range of study techniques make the History lessons varied and exciting.  You will build on the essential skills of essay writing and source analysis that were developed at GCSE.  You will also carry out independent research, take part in presentations and debates, and contribute to discussions.



To view the Curriculum map detailing what topics will be covered in Years 12 & 13 – please click here


Unit 1  England 1445–1509: Lancastrians, Yorkists and Henry VII

A period of tyrannical rulers, complex political machinations, love affairs and leaders’ blood spilled both literally and metaphorically.  The inspiration for Game of Thrones comes to life in the classroom as you work out how power switched back and forth between two warring families.

Unit 2  The Unification of Italy 1789-1896   

Garibaldi?  The downfall of the Bourbons?  No, not biscuits, this is the riveting story of a nation’s desire to unite under one banner. Italy in 1815, was, as Metternich’s claims, ‘A geographical expression’. Sixty years later, after bloodshed and political intrigue, it was a unified state. How? Why? This course looks to address the issues and complexities surrounding the Risorgimento.

Unit 3  Russia and its Rulers 1855-1964

“Assassinated, died, murdered, heart attack, suspected poisoning, removed” may not have the same ring as “divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived” but the actions and fate of Russia’s rulers in this period is every bit as absorbing. This is a thematic unit in which students examine the reasons for, and consequences of, change and continuity in Tsarist and Communist Russia.

Unit 4  Historical Investigations

Students are able to pursue their own interests when they complete a historical investigation into a topic of their own choice.  In previous years, these have been as diverse as the abolition of slavery, the Spanish Civil War and Bloody Sunday.


Linear Assessment at the end of TWO years of study:

Y135 – Wars of the Roses – 1 hour 30 minute paper (25%)

Y215 – Italian Unification – 1 hour paper (15%)

Y318 – Russia and its Rulers – 2 hour 30 minute paper (40%)

Y100 – Coursework – internally assessed and externally moderated (20%)


We go to the annual Stenton lecture held at the Reading University.  Further, we look to attend academic conferences relevant to the course materials. The department also offers a range of academic articles and extended reading materials to those wishing to develop their knowledge.

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