For those whose interest has been piqued, our GCSE offers students a vast array of topics to develop their passion for history.

The GCSE course revolves around the skills students have been developing since their arrival with us at St. Crispin’s – causation, interpretation, source evaluation, change and continuity and significance are all covered.




To view the Curriculum map detailing what topics will be covered in Years 10 & 11 – please click here


Paper 1: Crime & Punishment 1000-today

Students will delve far into the past to see how society punished those who broke the law.  The course enables students to understand the criminal justice system; and how and why we punish people the way we do.  It gives them the ability to compare and contrast, and explain what motivates changes to society.  We also pay a visit to Whitechapel in 1888, and look at the infamous character of Jack the Ripper and ask students to consider how he was able to get away with it.


Paper 2: Elizabethan England 1558-1588 & The Cold War 1943-1991

In this topic, students will look at Queen Elizabeth and explain how she was able to make England a powerful nation, despite low expectations due to her gender.  They will see how she fought off an entire Spanish armada and made England a world power.


Students will then look at the modern world and see how two former allies became enemies.  It will teach them new definitions of warfare and give them a political understanding, which will help them to appreciate today’s geopolitical system.  Two countries competing against each other saw a city divide itself in half, attempts to build lasers in space, and athletes banned from attending the Olympics.


Paper 3: Germany 1918-1939

HITLER!  The most infamous man in history.  No course would be complete without looking at how he was able to come to power.  Students will see how a former homeless tramp became leader of a nation and changed the world we live in forever.



All of the topics studied are taken as external exams at the end of Year 11.

Paper 1 is 1 hour and 15 minutes long and worth 30%

Paper 2 is 1 hour 45 minutes long and worth 40%

Paper 3 is 1 hour and 15 minutes long and worth 30%



In the autumn term of Year 11, we take the British Tommy’s First World War advice and head to Berlin! Two full days of touring what we believe is one of the most historical capitals in the world.  The Reichstag, Sachsenhausen and the Olympic Stadium combine to make one of the most powerful educational experiences we can think of! We also plan a trip to the East End of London to walk in the footsteps of the notorious Jack the Ripper as part of the depth study on Whitechapel in Paper 1.

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