Key Stage 3

Students will take a journey through time, learning of all the amazing things that people did in the past.  We will encourage them to find out how the past has affected their lives today.

Students will become detectives and investigate the lives of those in the past.  They will discover how things came to be, and look at and evaluate how people have interpreted the past.  Students will not only be detectives, they will be judges, archaeologists, lawyers, reporters and soldiers, as they relive the past in the classroom.  Through this, they will build a skill set that allows them to describe, explain, analyse, and evaluate: and make them expert arguers at home.

We aim to cover the most engaging parts of British and World History and to challenge students thinking along the way.  We ask many questions about the past.

In Year 7, we tackle the key questions over our topics including:

  • Were the Romans really rotten?
  • Why did William win the battle of Hastings?
  • Was it vile to be a villein? (Measly Middle Ages)
  • Why did the King whip himself? (Murder of Thomas Beckett)
  • Was King John really a bad ruler?
  • How big an impact did the Black Death have?
  • Why did castles change over time?


TRIP: Students get the opportunity to visit Warwick Castle and explore the castle defences.

In Year 8, our topics including:

  • How terrible were the Tudors?
  • Why did Henry VIII create his own church?
  • Was Elizabeth I really a golden queen?
  • Was the Gunpowder plot a set up?
  • Should the English have killed their king? (English Civil War)
  • Why did England bring back the monarchy?
  • Did the Industrial Revolution make life better?
  • Who was Jack the Ripper?


TRIP: Students are invited to The Black Country Living Museum to see what the life of Victorians was like.  They get to travel into a mine, attend a Victorian school and look at the houses and shops of the Industrial Revolution.

In Year 9, our topics include:

  • Why was slavery abolished?
  • Who was most responsible for Titanic being such a disaster?
  • Why did people fight in the trenches?
  • What were the trenches like?
  • What happened to the Romanov Family? (Russian Revolution)
  • How was Germany punished at the end of WWI?
  • How did Hitler come to power?
  • Why did Britain win the Second World War?
  • How should we remember the Holocaust?


TRIP: Students join us at Bovington Tank Museum to see these mighty weapons of warfare and even get to sit inside a WWI tank, travel through a trench and handle weapons of the war.

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