“History is who we are and why we are the way we are”

(David McCullough, American Author)

Everyone loves stories.  Here at St. Crispin’s, the History department believe that there are no better stories than those of our past.  After all, the more we know about the past, the better prepared we are for the future.  We aim to bring the past to life and really engage students with what the world was like.  We want to equip them with skills to enable them to approach the future head on and make their own history.  History is no longer about learning dates, it is about taking a journey through the past and learning why things were the way they were, and why they change.


Mrs A Greig (Head of Department) – greiga@crispins.co.uk

Mr J Alderslade (Professional Learning Coordinator)

Mrs Cooper

Mrs K Tavaga (Head of Year 11)





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