KS4- GCSE Geography

Exam Board: OCR A (9-1)

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Students have 5 lessons per fortnight for Geography and are taught in mixed ability option block classes.


    Overview Students will have learned a number of geographical skills and gained a wide geographical knowledge at Key Stage 3.  This will be developed further during the GCSE course to give students a better understanding of the world.  Our geographers will develop an up-to-date knowledge of extremely relevant issues, becoming socially, economically and environmentally aware – true global citizens. They will also have a better understanding about the country that we live, as one of the GCSE papers (30% of their GCSE) is solely about the UK- a facet of Geography that is often overlooked for more exotic examples abroad. This makes our geographers truly rounded and knowledgeable people, well-equipped with the IT, map, numeracy, literacy and presentation skills required for today’s world.


Topics Covered Paper 1: Living in the UK Today (30%)

·         Landscapes of the UK – Investigating the physical processes involved in the creation of river and coastal environments and how humans interact with and influence these landscapes.

·         People of the UK – Examining the changing development and population in the UK.

·         UK Environmental Challenges – Investigating the challenges faced through people’s interactions with the physical environment, specifically extreme weather events and the UK’s energy use and security.


Paper 2: The World Around Us (30%)

·         Ecosystems of the Planet –  Exploring a variety of ecosystems globally, concentrating on coral reefs and tropical rainforests.

·         People of the Planet –   Examining uneven global development and the causes and consequences of growth in Urban areas, focusing specifically on the people and culture of a city in an emerging country.

·         Environmental threats to our Planet – Investigating threats to humans and the environment due to climate change and extreme weather conditions.


Paper 3: Geographical Skills (40%)

This section focuses on the interpretation of material such as Ordnance Survey maps, graphs, photographs and diagrams. Within this unit students will complete fieldwork in both human and physical geographical contexts. This will enable students to apply their geographical knowledge, understanding and skills to a real out-of-classroom context.


Assessment All topics will be examined at the end of Year 11.

1.       Living in the UK (30%) 60 marks, 1 hour;

2.       The World Around Us (30%) 60 marks, 1 hour;

3.       Geographical Skills (40%) 80 marks, 1 hour 30 minutes.










Year 10


Landscapes of the UK People of the UK UK Environmental Challenges Mock Revision Geographical skills Fieldwork
Year 11


Ecosystems of the Planet People of the Planet (+ Mocks) Environmental threats to our Planet Revision Revision