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A Level Results Day – Thursday 16th August – from 8am

Senior staff will be in school to celebrate with students and we will of course be available to offer advice and guidance where required.

ICT resources will be available for students should those who have applied to university wish to log on and confirm their application statuses. UCAS will share this information from 8am onwards.

If students are unable to collect their results in person, they will need to inform our Exams Officer Mrs Franklin ( and provide either permission for a parent to collect their results on their behalf, a self-addressed envelope or an address for their results to be emailed to.

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GCSE Results 2017

Well done to all our students with 80% passing English and Maths GCSE

Attainment 8 55.5
Progress 8  +0.48 (Above Average)
The Basics (English and Maths) – standard pass 80%
The Basics (English and Maths)- strong pass 61%
Ebacc achieved – strong pass 31%
Ebacc entered 44%


Percentage of students staying in education after KS4

Staying in education 95%
Local authority average 96%
England average 94%


A Level Results 2017


Progress Average Grade Retention
A Levels +0.21 C+ 96.9%
Academic +0.21 C+ 96.9%
Applied General -0.15 Distinction 92%
Tech Level Distinction


Progress in GSE English and Maths – not available


Year 13 destinations 2017


number of students % of students
Normal leaving age – Higher education institutions 65 71
Normal leaving age – Training 10 11
Normal leaving age – Employment 7 8
Gap Year following end of Year 13 4 4
Gap Year with work following end of Year 13 4 4
Unknown 1 1
Total in Year Group 91


exam results

I am very pleased to share our A-Level and GCSE results for 2016.


GCSE/Tech Awards Result BEST* Result FIRST*
Attainment 8 C+ C+
Progress 8* +0.29 +0.18
The Basics (English and Maths) 75% 63%
EBacc entered 35%
EBacc achieved – 26% 25%
Destinations 98%

*On our school website and on the Performance Tables website you will see the figures for our students achievements are different.  The Government has chosen to use what is called the First entry result (the result the students gained when they first took the an exam) and as a school we will continue to use the result the students actually achieved at the end of Year 11, their Best Entry.

**estimate only to be confirmed via national data later in the academic year

Some other highlights for GCSE success include:

  • 15 students gained 10 A* to A grades
  • Students achieved excellent grades in a wide variety of languages from Hebrew, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, French and German
  • STEM (Science, technology, Engineering and Maths) results in these subjects were outstanding.
    • Maths – 84% A* to C
    • Computer Science – 97% A* to C
    • Engineering – 95% A* to C
    • ICT – 100% A* to C



A-Level/Voc. Awards Result
A*- A 22%
A*- B 53%
A*- C 75%
A* – E 98%


Of course, headline figures are one thing, the young people behind the data are quite another so I am delighted to share some highlights below:


Catherine Lawrence (A* A* A) – Oxford University to read Chemistry. An outstanding young scientist with a meticulous attention to detail. This will enable her to shine in the laboratories of Oxford!  We look forward to hearing more about her successes in the future.

Sophie Ross (A* A* A) – University of Southampton to read Population with Geography. Sophie has held the position of Head Girl whilst in the sixth form, giving a great deal of her time to the school. She has been a fantastic role model to many aspiring students in the lower school.

Tariro Madzingira (A* B B) – University of Nottingham to read Accountancy.  Tariro has always been interested in business, since joining the sixth form she has worked closely with one of our sponsor partners, Hewlett Packard, and has won the Sixth Form Enterprise Challenge.

India Race (A* A B) – University of Surrey to read Economics. India developed a passion for Economics whilst studying for her A Levels and is immensely looking forward to the challenges ahead – we believe she is one to watch.

Zakhar Motulyak (A A B) – King’s College London to read Neuroscience. Zachary is an ambitious young man who is aiming for a career in medical sciences.

Mohammed Chanouha (A A B) – University of Surrey to read Business Management. He is a determined, talented young man who sets his sights high. He has a strong capacity for hard work and responds to challenges with great energy and resilience.



Ginny Rhodes


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The Headteacher and Governors of St. Crispin’s School are fully committed to supporting all students to achieve their very best examination outcomes. As such we employ an early and split entry policy so that students are entered for examinations at different points. We believe this plays a very significant role in improving the attainment of students, indeed our outcomes overtime prove this to be the case. More information about our work in this area can be found by clicking here.

In November 2012 the DfE announced that they would count “first” in other words a student’s first result rather than their actual “final or best” result. Below are the school results for our student’s final results, in other words the results students have when they leave KS4 for their next steps of education.

2014_15 results


2013_14 results

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