Product Design

The design process, at its best, integrates the aspirations of art, science, and culture; it is intelligence made visible. Everything we touch or use has been designed by someone. We often complain when an object does not live up to its promise but good design is a lot like clear thinking made visual, fitting seamlessly into our lives.

Product Design will equip students with design skills for the future. Students will be able to recognise design needs and develop an understanding of how current global issues, including integrated technology, impact on our world.

Entry requirements

Students will need a grade B or above in any technology GCSE.

Course Content

There are two components to the course.

  • 50% is an independent design and make project. This will cover four main areas of identifying opportunities for design, designing a prototype, making a final prototype and evaluating your own design and prototype skills.
  • 50% will be a written knowledge based exam.

Future Opportunities

Following a Product Design course opens up a wide variety of careers to students. To give just a few examples, students have previously gone on to do degrees in aeronautical engineering, architecture, art and design, electrical/electronic engineering, education, engineering, materials science and mechanical engineering. These degrees can lead to careers in all aspects of design and graduates can go on to become interior or product designers, CAD technicians, architects or project managers.


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Examples of our students work: