BTEC Nationals in Engineering (Level 3 Extended Certificate)

According to one of the most famous astronauts, Neil Armstrong, “Engineering helped create a world in which no injustice could be hidden”. In fact the world as we know it would cease to function without engineers. The internet, mobile phone, transport – it is the engineer who makes these possible. Engineering is a subject with almost limitless opportunities and electronic engineering is one of the fastest-growing and most dynamic fields of engineering. The course will prepare you for an electronics career which could take you to the cutting edge of technology. Almost every area of life involves electronics, from mobile phones to cars to aeroplanes and from our television sets to complex medical equipment.

Entry requirements

Level 2 Engineering at distinction level or above, or GCSE Maths at grade 5.

Course Content

The course will teach students the basics about analogue and digital circuits and then progress on to more complex elements. This includes the use and behaviours of components such as resistors, capacitors, diodes, and transistors. You will study the principles and applications of electronic devices and circuits, and also the application of analogue electronics as well as computer aided manufacture, robotics and health and safety. This course is broken down into four units over two years:

  • Engineering principles (external assessment)
  • Engineering product design and manufacture (external assessment)
  • Delivery of engineering processes safely as a team
  • Electronic devices and circuits

Future Opportunities

The BTEC Level 3 Certificate in Engineering is a well-respected qualification and provides UCAS points for entry into Higher Education. Combining Physics and Mathematics with BTEC Engineering will give you the grounding to study electronics-related subjects at a higher level and will prepare you for university and a career in areas such as electrical and electronics engineering, one of the broadest and most dynamic of the engineering disciplines. If you would like to go into employment at this stage then there are opportunities at engineering technician level that could make a positive step towards a career in electronic engineering.

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