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At Key Stage 4 pupils study the OCR course which involves 3 modules of People and Business, Marketing and Enterprise and Production, Finance and External Business Environment. The module Marketing and Enterprise is assessed via a controlled assessment and able students will be able to carry out independent and more in-depth research into their local area. For example, setting up their own focus group and analysing demographic statistics.

We also have a challenge box containing activities to stretch and challenge able students and these are particularly relevant to the accounting and finance section of the course.

At Key Stage 5 we offer Business Studies A Level and Economics A Level and the AQA examination board is used for both subjects. Economics is a popular choice for able students. All students will be expected to undertake a research task every two weeks and this will necessitate research and reading around the subject. In additional to the school’s central library which is plentifully stocked with Business and Economic textbooks and magazines, the department has a smaller but well established library in the sixth form area. At AS and A2 students are expected to have a range of case studies and examples even beyond those discussed in class from which to draw upon in their answers and they must use these to create a portfolio of case material.
At the start of the A2 course in economics students have the opportunity to participate in ‘Target 2’ – an intense and elite competition organised by the Bank of England. Students will have to collate and analyse macroeconomic data and suggest to a panel of judges their view on the current rate of interest.