business-plan-imagesWe have four classes taught by Mrs Mitchell, Miss Simpson and Mrs Brown. All groups are following the OCR course which covers the following modules:

People in Business – final exam 25% Production, Finance and the External Environment – final exam 50% Marketing and Enterprise – controlled assessment – 25%.

Year 10

GCSE Business Studies (OCR specification)
This subject gives students a detailed look into how a business works. The subject uses an analytical, evaluative and investigative approach.
In year 10 students will study marketing, business aims and objectives, human resources and forms of business ownership. They will also complete a controlled investigation on marketing and enterprise.
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Year 11

GCSE Business Studies (OCR specification)
In year 11 students will study finance, production and the economic environment.
After GCSE students may decide to study Business Advanced level in the sixth form.
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Unit 2 Business and People – 25% examination

GCSE Business Course Information

Revision Guide Unit 2 Business and People

Further Revision for Unit 2 People and Business

Past paper unit 2

Past paper for unit 2 mark scheme


Unit 3 Production, Finance and the External Environment – 50% examination

Unit 3 Revision Booklet

KEY Terms for Unit 3


Controlled assessment – Dilali Supermarket

Aldi notes

Census data

Copy of questionnaire

Investigation 3 help sheet

Other Secondary research

Secondary research ecommerce used by competitors


All students are welcome to come into B1 every Tuesday and Thursday after school to practice past papers. In addition to this some students will be invited in after school for intervention classes.

Mrs Mitchell's class (above and right) - two 'companies' integrating by forming a horizontal merger.

Mrs Mitchell’s class (above and below) – two ‘companies’ integrating by forming a horizontal merger.